Richfield Industries Internet Usage Policy

For All Users (Employees and Guests)

Internet access and usage at Richfield Industries is a valuable and mission critical resource. This policy is to:

  • Establish the rules for the use of Richfield Industries Internet for access to the Internet or the Intranet.
  • Create prudent and acceptable practices regarding the use of the Internet.
  • Educate individuals who may use the internet or intranet with respect to their responsibilities associated with such use.

This policy applies equally to all individuals granted access privileges to any Richfield Industries information system or resource with the capacity to access the Internet, the Intranet, or both.

Accessing the Internet

Users are provided access to the Internet to assist them in the performance of their jobs. At any time, at the request of management, Internet access may be revoked. 

IT may restrict access to certain Internet sites that reduce network performance or are known or suspected to be compromised, or likely to be compromised by malware. Richfield Industries will use internet filters to block high-risk content and deny access to any unwanted material or malware in support of the Acceptable Use Policy.

All software used to access the Internet must be part of the Richfield Industries standard software suite or approved by IT. Such software must incorporate all vendor provided security patches.

Users accessing the Internet through a computer connected to Richfield Industries’ network must do so through an approved Internet firewall or other security device. All software used to access the Internet shall be configured to use a proxy or other means of managing or controlling. Bypassing Richfield Industries’ network security, by accessing the Internet directly, is strictly prohibited.

Users are prohibited from using Richfield Industries Internet access for: unauthorized access to local and remote computer systems, software piracy, illegal activities, the transmission of threatening, obscene, or harassing materials, or personal solicitations.

Expectation of privacy

Users should have no expectation of privacy in anything they create, store, send, or receive using Richfield Industries’ Internet access.  Users expressly waive any right of privacy in anything they create, store, send, or receive using Richfield Industries’ Internet access.

File downloads and virus protection

Users are prohibited from downloading and installing software without proper authorization from IT. Technical controls may be utilized to limit the download and installation of software.  Downloaded software may be used only in ways that conform to its license and copyrights.  All files downloaded from the Internet must be scanned for viruses using Richfield Industries approved virus detection software. If a user suspects a file may be infected, they must notify IT immediately.  Users are prohibited from using the Internet to deliberately propagate any malicious program.

Monitoring of computer and Internet usage

All user activity on Richfield Industries IT assets is subject to logging and review. Richfield Industries has the right to monitor and log all aspects of its systems including, but not limited to, monitoring Internet sites visited by users, monitoring chat and newsgroups, monitoring file downloads, and all communications sent and received by users.

Frivolous use

Computer resources are limited. Network bandwidth and storage capacity have limits, and all users connected to the network have a responsibility to conserve these resources. As such, the user must not deliberately perform acts that waste computer resources or unfairly monopolize resources to the exclusion of others. These acts include, but are not limited to, spending excessive amounts of time on the Internet, playing games, engaging in online chat groups, uploading, or downloading large files, accessing streaming audio and/or video files, or otherwise creating unnecessary loads on network traffic associated with non-business-related uses of the Internet.  Personal use, beyond incidental use of the Internet, is prohibited.


Richfield Industries utilizes software that makes it possible to identify and block access to Internet sites containing sexually explicit material or other material deemed inappropriate in the workplace. The bypassing of safeguards to display or store such content with the use of company provided internet, or on any company device is prohibited.  Users are prohibited from attempting to access or accessing inappropriate sites using company provided internet. If a user accidentally connects to a site containing such material, the user must disconnect at once and report the incident immediately to IT. Richfield Industries Departments or Locations may not host their own websites or contract for the hosting of websites by a vendor without the permission of IT.  No internal data should be made available to hosted Internet websites without approval of IT.  No personal or non-company commercial advertising may be made available via hosted company web sites.


Electronic files are subject to the same records retention rules that apply to other documents and must be retained in accordance with departmental records retention schedules.

Incidental use

Incidental personal use of Internet access is restricted to Richfield Industries IT approved Users only.  Incidental use must not result in direct costs to Richfield Industries.  If any such costs are inadvertently incurred, it will be the responsibility of the user to pay those costs.  Incidental use must not interfere with the normal performance of an employee’s work duties.  No files or documents may be sent or received that may cause legal liability for, or embarrassment to, Richfield Industries.  Storage of personal files and documents within Richfield Industries’ network should be nominal.  All files and documents, including personal files and documents, that are stored on Richfield Industries’ network, are thereby owned by Richfield Industries, may be subject to open records requests, and may be accessed in accordance with this policy.

Anyone using the company provided internet agrees to pay any fines/fees assessed to the company for violation of any copyright or other law or policy violations.